Do you suffer from gut problems? You can’t get to the bottom of it, no matter what you do, what dietary changes you make, how many supplements you take?

Well let me introduce you to the Gastrointestinal Mapping/DNA analysis. This testing takes the guesswork out of diagnosing gut problems. It gets straight to the point and gives you a thorough breakdown of what’s going on inside your gastrointestinal tract, and how this is potentially rippling out systemically and causing an array of symptoms. 

Incase you were wondering, no I am definitely not personally sifting through your poo to tell you what secrets it holds! That is the job of the wonderful team of professionals over in the USA, where your poo will be flown first class. What I am here to do, is interpret and analyse the 5 pages of information you will receive about the inner workings of your gastrointestinal system. I will come up with a personalised plan to repair, rebuild and optimise your gut function, which will ripple out to optimise your entire health picture!

If you are a regular colonic client at PH or have seen a natural health practitioner before, I’m sure you have already somewhat been taught the importance of ensuring your gut health is maintained and in an optimal state. If not I’ll give you a few key points that will really make your jaw drop and help you understand why caring for your gut should sit at the top of your health priority list!

  • Your gut has it’s own nervous system (the Enteric Nervous System), which is made up of 50-100 million nerve cells. This is as many as are contained in your spinal cord!
  • 95% of serotonin is stored in the gut lining. YEP 95%! Serotonin is not just as simple as “the happy hormone”, it is crucial for sleep, metabolism, digestion and motility, memory, learning and overall wellbeing. 
  • There are more immune cells living in the wall of your gut than circulating in the blood or residing in your bone marrow. The immune cells in you gut make up the largest component of your body’s immune system!
  • The lining of your gut is studded with a huge number of endocrine cells and if you clumped all these, it would be greater than all the endocrine organs together (thyroid, pituitary gland, adrenal glands, testicles & ovaries).
  • The large intestine (colon) is home to the largest population of microbes in/on the body. If you clumped them together they would weigh as much as the human brain (around 1.2kg).

(Emeran Mayer, MD, The Mind-Gut Connection)

Now let me give you a run down of the important information that is delivered to you when using the advanced technology of the GI MAP/DNA testing.

Your brain and gut are continuously communicating back & forth and when your microbiome is out of balance, this can disturb every other function of your body including mental and emotional health, hormonal function, sleep, energy, digestion & absorption and even promote or create illness and/or disease states.

What can the GI MAP/DNA analysis tell you?

Where do I even start!

  • Assesses the balance of good and bad bacteria
  • Tests for pathogens (bacterial, parasitic, viral)
  • Gut permeability (leaky gut)
  • Genetic markers of the organisms residing in the intestinal ecosystem
  • Commensal (normal) bacterial flora levels
  • Opportunistic bacteria including parasites, worms, fungi & yeast
  • Auto-immune triggers and active viruses
  • Breakdown of intestinal health markers including insight into the digestive capacity from the liver, gall bladder and pancreas
  • Immune function response
  • Finds sources of systemic inflammation
  • Insight into hormone imbalances & detoxification pathways
  • Uncovers root causes of food sensitivities

This incredibly comprehensive breakdown means no shooting in the dark when it comes to a treatment plan. It means getting straight to the point with supplements, a personalised treatment protocol and an express route to health improvements.

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The Naked Seed Nutrition



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